Would you like to take part in our first ever charity skydive! We don’t like to do things by halves, so our aim is to see 100 people jump in support of Aerobility, by taking part in The Big Skydive. #TheBigSkydive

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You don’t need to personally know someone taking part in order to donate and support our unique disabled flying charity.

The Fundraising Event

  • Date

    Saturday 9th September 2017

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    Pay £50 to secure your place

  • Location

    GoSkydive, Old Sarum Park, Salisbury SP4 6EB

    GoSkydive is located on the outskirts of Salisbury close to the famous prehistoric heritage site of Stonehenge.

In exchange for your fundraising efforts, Aerobility will cover the remaining cost of £175 for each of our skydivers to take part. To protect this investment by our charity, we will ask each participant to kindly agree to the following important terms:

  1. £50 deposit to secure you place on 9th September to be paid directly to GoSkydive by the participant. Click here to book now!
  2. Pledge to raise £350 in support of Aerobility, to guarantee we can cover the remaining cost for your tandem skydive and alongside raising charity funds.
  3. If you are unable to raise a minimum of £175, this will result in the participant being invoiced the sum of £175 to reimburse Aerobility for the remaining cost of the tandem skydive.

We will actively support you to achieve your £350 pledge with your very own dedicated webpage and fundraising portal, as well as helping to promote this incredible event.

For more information - 0303 303 1230

In partnership with: GoSkydive

Important Safety Requirements

Each Aerobility Big Skydive participant must adhere to:

You need to be at least 16 to do a tandem skydive, if you are aged between 16 and 18 you will need a parent or legal guardian to sign to give their consent.

Due to higher operational cost there will be a surcharge for people over 15 stone. 15–16 stone £10 per person, 16 -17 stone £20 per person, 17–18 stone £30.

Meet all the listed health requirements stated in the participant declaration form – copy available to download here.

Be able to adopt the freefall and landing positions:

  1. On exit you’ll need to be able to tip your head back and arch your back whilst tucking your legs up behind you. Your arms will need to be crossed, into and across your chest.
  2. During freefall you will uncross your arms and bring then up in front of you.
  3. As you come into land your instructor will tell you to lift your legs, you need to be able to lift your feet up to knee level whilst in a seated position. You will be able to use the fabric on the sides of your jumpsuit to assist you.

Full attention must be given to the training provided. It is at the Instructors discretion about continuing the programme if the jumper is not demonstrating the ability to follow instructions.

Skydiving is a weather dependent activity. If for any reason we are unable to jump on the 9th September, we will quickly rearrange the event for the next available date.

Can people with a disability take part?

As a charity working with disabled people, we are keen to make this event as accessible as is safely possible. Although the ‘health requirements’ declaration may look daunting, we are delighted to confirm that GoSkydive are committed to support us in this aim. If you have always wanted to skydive and are confidently able to adopt the safe freefall and landing positions, then please still complete the declaration and get in touch with Together with GoSkydive, we will do our best to make this possible for you.


We believe a tandem skydive is more than just jumping out of plane – it’s an experience that puts both your body and mind through their paces. A true life experience that will stay with you forever.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve not done a parachute jump before, we’re first time skydiving experts – and many of our customers are first time skydivers. We’re proud to offer all jumpers specialist tandem skydive training in a simulated training environment; something that sets GoSkydive apart from every other tandem skydiving dropzone in the world.

10,000 ft | 30 seconds of freefall time

This is the real thing! The excitement builds as our plane takes you up to 10,000ft before an unbeatable adrenaline rush as you freefall for 30 seconds.

We plan to make it a fun event for all your friends and family supporting you, and create a real party atmosphere throughout the day.

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Click here to be taken directly to our dedicated GoSkydive booking page and pay £50 to secure your place. The remaining cost of £175 for your tandem skydive will be paid directly by Aerobility.

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